Alcohol Addiction and Rehab Facilities in Apache Junction, Arizona

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Although it may be difficult, it is possible to recover from alcohol addiction. People who live in Apache Junction, Arizona can find many options for alcohol rehab in their community. But it can be hard to know which one is the best choice, or even make a decision to get help once a person is addicted.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who should be diagnosed with alcohol use disorder are not. Instead, they live in denial and cling to the belief that they can stop drinking any time they choose. That just is not the way it works.

We want to help people make the decision to get help for their alcohol addictions. It is possible to stop drinking, but having the right support is a critical part of the equation. Professional treatment at a quality alcohol rehab in Apache Junction, Arizona can make such a difference in a person’s life.

Apache Junction, Arizona and Pinal County Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Statistics

People often tend to underestimate how serious alcohol abuse is in their own communities. But taking even a brief look at the statistics indicates that there is a dire need for alcohol rehab programs in the Apache Junction area, as well as in Pinal County as a whole.

The Pinal County Community Health Needs Assessment that was completed in 2020 shows that:

  • Alcohol addiction and overdoses were the two most serious health problems the county is facing according to 53% of survey respondents.
  • Alcohol abuse was named the top risky behavior in Pinal County by 70% of survey respondents.
  • 20.2% of teens admit that they have used alcohol at some point within the last month.
  • Most young people (56%) believe that using substances like alcohol is not risky.
  • More than 10% of 12th graders reported that they had participated in binge drinking in 2018.
  • 7% of 8th graders and 5.6% of 10th graders also participated in binge drinking that year.
  • Fortunately, these numbers are decreasing from 2014, but there are still too many young people consuming alcohol on a regular basis.
  • 56% of people who completed the survey stated that either they or someone they know has abused alcohol or were addicted to it.
  • 63% of respondents believe that additional resources to help manage stress and mental health would reduce alcohol abuse in Pinal County.
  • 57% of respondents state that mental health conditions are the most serious health issues within their community.
  • People who live in Pinal County report having, on average, about 4 poor mental health days every year.
  • 81% of people in the county either personally have a mental health condition, or they know someone who does.
  • Pinal County has about half the number of mental health providers it needs when compared to what is available elsewhere in the state.

Another Community Health Needs Assessment was completed by Banner Health in 2019. They found that:

  • 20% of survey respondents stated that alcohol abuse was the riskiest behavior people in the county engage in.
  • A lot of people in Pinal County rank their mental health as poor.
  • The most significant health issue facing Pinal County today is mental health.
  • Out of every 100,000 people in the county, there were more than 42 inpatient hospitalizations for mental health in 2019.
  • That same year, there were close to 300 emergency room visits due to mental health conditions in the county.

How Many Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs are Located in or Close to Apache Junction, AZ?

Due to its close proximity to Phoenix, Mesa and other major cities, there are a lot of alcohol rehab programs in the Apache Junction, Arizona area. SAMHSA indicates that this area has 187 different options for people in need of treatment.

These programs all offer various levels of care to meet the unique needs of all the people who live here. There are:

  • Alcohol detox programs
  • Outpatient therapy providers
  • Facilities that offer telehealth services
  • Inpatient alcohol rehab centers
  • Long-term rehab programs
  • Sober living homes
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Hospital detox and rehab options

What Types of Treatment are Offered at Alcohol Rehab Centers in Apache Junction?

Alcohol addiction is a very serious matter, and people need to know that help is available right in their own communities. For those who live in Apache Junction, there are many options that can help them reach their goal of getting and staying sober.

We always recommend for people to get a professional recommendation prior to starting any type of alcohol treatment program. This is important because they need to get the right level of care to be successful.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox should always be the first step people take in the recovery process. This is because it can treat withdrawal symptoms, which can become severe for people who are alcoholics. There is also a more severe form of alcohol withdrawal that presents a risk called delirium tremens, or DTs. This condition can be fatal if left untreated.

Detoxing off alcohol in a professional setting can reduce the risk of DTs or other complications from alcohol withdrawal. We recommend for people to receive medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, and there are several options for this in the Apache Junction area. MAT involves the use of behavioral therapy and FDA-approved medications to help with symptoms.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient alcohol rehab is very highly recommended for people who have never been to rehab before. Most people find that they need the level of care and support that it provides. There are several inpatient rehab programs in Apache Junction.

When patients come to inpatient rehab, they stay for 28 days. During that time, they go through the detoxification process and begin rehabilitation. If they have a co-occurring mental health disorder, it will also be treated at that time.

Long-Term Rehab

There are times when 28 days may not be enough time for people to recover from alcohol addiction. In those cases, a long-term rehab may be needed in order for people to be successful in recovering. There are a few long-term rehab programs in the Apache Junction area.

Long-term rehab programs allow patients to stay for several months while they receive treatment. They work with their treatment team for individual and group therapy sessions as well as to create a relapse prevention plan that will work for them.

Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient therapy is typically not the best option for people who have never been to rehab before. There are several therapists in Apache Junction who specialize in treating alcohol addiction, but because this level of care offers less time with staff, it is best used as a form of follow-up.

During outpatient therapy, clients meet with their therapist 1-3 times per week for individual sessions. Most therapists do not offer group therapy sessions.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs, or IOPs, provide a flexible yet intensive outpatient rehab experience. There are several IOPs in Apache Junction, and the level of care they offer is close to what is offered on an inpatient basis.

Clients come to IOPs between 3-5 evenings every week. This leaves the daytime free for clients to work and/or attend school. Many IOPs run for about 12 weeks.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

There are also partial hospitalization programs available for people who need an intensive outpatient rehab option. PHPs operate during the day, and they may be referred to as day treatment programs. There are many PHPs in the Apache Junction area.

Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes do not provide their own in-house addiction treatment programs. But they do offer safe places for people to live while they are in recovery. There are many sober living homes available in Apache Junction, as well as in the surrounding cities.

Sober living homes can be a great source of support for people who are recovering from alcohol addiction. Residents usually have to pay rent unless their insurance covers the cost.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Other 12-Step Groups

12-Step support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous can be a great way for people to get support as they recover from alcoholism. AA and NA are both organizations that offer peer-led support groups. There are several meetings taking place in Apache Junction every week.

Find Out More About the Alcohol Rehab Options in the Apache Junction, Arizona Area

At Springboard Recovery, we want nothing more than for our patients to be successful as they recover from alcohol addiction. We know how challenging it can be, and we are prepared to help.

We offer one of the best inpatient alcohol rehab programs in the State of Arizona. In addition to therapy, we also provide detox services in-house for our patients’ convenience and to ensure continuity of care.

Would you like to know more about our inpatient treatment program or about finding a quality alcohol rehab in the Apache Junction, Arizona area in general? We are here to assist you. Please contact us today.


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