Alcohol Addiction and Rehab Facilities in Bullhead City, Arizona

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There is no denying that there are many people living in Bullhead City, Arizona who are struggling because of alcohol addiction. Rehab is available to help these individuals, but unfortunately, they may have a lot of barriers to getting treatment. Some may believe that it will not work for them, or they may just not be aware of the various resources that are available to them.

It can be extremely challenging for people to admit they need help because of alcohol use disorder. So often, people just assume that they will have to learn to cope with it for the rest of their lives. But the truth is that they do not, and there are ways for them to get the help they need.

We want to do our part by providing information about the options for alcohol rehab that are there for people in Bullhead City, Arizona. We hope that the more people know, the more likely they will be to want to recover, and professional treatment can make all the difference.

Bullhead City and Mohave County, Arizona Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Statistics

It is a known fact that mental health and alcoholism are often linked to one another. Statistics show that that link is very strong in the Bullhead City area, as well as in Mohave County as a whole. There are a lot of people who are suffering needlessly due to being addicted to alcohol.

The Community Health Needs Assessment that was released by Kingman Regional Medical Center and the Mohave County Department of Public Health in 2019 offers the following statistics regarding mental health:

  • Almost 45 out of every 100,000 people in the county exhibited self-harming behaviors in 2014.
  • 25 out of every 100,000 people were diagnosed with a mental health condition and/or a substance abuse problem in the county that same year.
  • When asked about poor mental health days, people reported experiencing an average of 4.5 every month.
  • There were 1,099 emergency department visits that were related to mental health issues in Mohave County in 2018.
  • There are 1,440 patients for every 1 mental health provider in Mohave County.
  • This is close to double the ratio for Arizona, which is 790:1.
  • 10.2% of people in the county say that they struggle due to their mental health.
  • 32.7% of people believe that having enough mental health providers is critical for the health of the county.
  • More than 37% believe that it is challenging for them to access their mental health providers.

Regarding alcoholism, this assessment also provides the following statistics:

  • 24% of all motor vehicle crash deaths involved the use of alcohol in 2019.
  • The state average is 27%, so it is very close.
  • 10.7% of people in Mohave County reported regular, heavy alcohol use in 2012.
  • This is higher than the rates of a nearby county as well as the state rate, which was 8.1%.
  • During that same year, 20.7% of Mohave County residents stated that they regularly participate in binge drinking.
  • This is higher than both the state percentage of 18.1% and the percentage in a nearby county, which was 17.9%.

How Many Alcohol Rehab Programs are Located in the Bullhead City, Arizona Area?

Even though alcohol abuse and addiction are rampant in Bullhead City, there are plenty of opportunities for people to get the help they need to recover. According to SAMHSA, there are 15 alcohol rehab facilities located within 50 miles of the city. There are 3 of them located directly in Bullhead City.

These programs provide various levels of care, including:

  • Alcohol detox
  • Inpatient rehab
  • Long-term rehab
  • Telehealth services
  • Sober living
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Hospital detox and rehab

What Types of Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers are Available in Bullhead City?

It can be helpful for people to know what to expect when they go to alcohol rehab in Bullhead City. As we mentioned previously, there are various levels of care that are available, but they may not all be appropriate for everyone in need of treatment.

It is always a good idea to talk with a professional and get their recommendation before committing to an alcohol rehab program. They will be able to tell which level of care is the most appropriate.

Alcohol Detox Programs

The first step in recovering from alcohol use disorder should always be going through alcohol detox. Detoxing offers help for withdrawal symptoms, which can become severe; especially once a person first stops drinking. It is even possible for people to develop delirium tremens, which is a more dangerous form of alcohol withdrawal that can be fatal if it is left untreated.

Alcohol detox programs can be found in hospitals, clinics and inpatient treatment facilities in Bullhead City. Many offer medication-assisted treatment, which is what we highly recommend for people with alcohol addiction. MAT allows patients to take medications to help with their withdrawal symptoms while participating in behavioral therapy.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities

Many people begin the recovery process by attending an inpatient alcohol rehab program. Experts often consider this the Gold Standard because it offers a higher level of care and support for people who are new to treatment. There are a few inpatient rehab facilities located in Bullhead City.

Patients who attend an inpatient rehab will be required to remain at the facility for 28 days while they get the help they need. They will participate in various forms of therapy, including group, individual and family sessions. They will also be a part of therapeutic events and activities.

The goal of inpatient rehab is to determine what caused the person to get addicted to alcohol. Once that is determined, the right treatment can be prescribed. For many people, suffering from a co-occurring disorder was what led them to abuse alcohol, and these mental health issues need to be treated.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

There are some outpatient programs in Bullhead City that provide a higher level of care. Because of that, they may be appropriate for someone who cannot commit to inpatient rehab. Partial hospitalization programs are an excellent example.

PHPs, or day treatment programs, operate during the day. Clients may come to the program 5-7 days per week to receive therapy and medication management.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs, or IOPs, are also a more intensive form of outpatient treatment. Many experts believe they offer a level of care that is similar to what people experience during inpatient programs. There are a few IOPs in Bullhead City.

IOPs require clients to attend the program 3-5 times per week. They hold their appointments during the evenings, in most cases, which makes it a more flexible option for people who work or go to school during the day.

Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient therapy can be effective when it is used appropriately. It is typically not a good fit for people who have not had a higher level of care in the past. For that reason, it is best utilized as a form of follow-up.

During outpatient therapy, clients meet with their therapist 1-3 times every week. These are individual counseling sessions, although there may be some therapists that also offer group therapy as well. There are many outpatient therapists who offer counseling for alcohol addiction in the Bullhead City area.

Long-Term Rehab

Long-term rehab programs are for people who need an even higher level of care than what can be provided during inpatient treatment. They are typically for those who have been alcoholics for a long period of time, or who have a history of relapsing despite having been in treatment previously.

There are a few long-term rehab options available for people in Bullhead City who need them. Patients are able to stay for several months while they get the help they need from their treatment teams.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is an organization that was founded to help people stop drinking. It has been around since 1935, and millions of people have been helped as a result.

There are several AA meetings taking place every week in Bullhead City. But please keep in mind that they do not offer professional services.

Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are residential facilities where people can stay as they get help for addiction. They do not offer in-house treatment, and all residents are required to attend their own outpatient therapy and rehab programs. There are a few sober living homes in the Bullhead City area.

Find Out More About the Alcohol Rehab Options in Bullhead City, Arizona

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