Lake Havasu, Arizona Alcohol Rehab and Recovery Options

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Alcohol rehab centers are easily accessible and readily available to people in Lake Havasu, Arizona. They offer people the opportunity to recover from alcoholism, although many people do not think that is possible. Others may want to recover, but they may not know where to turn to get the help they need.

When a person suffers from alcohol use disorder, it can feel as though they are all alone. They may believe the lie that stopping the use of alcohol is just as easy as starting. Most people need a lot of support in order to be successful in alcoholism recovery.

We understand that people need to get their questions answered before they are willing to commit to an alcohol rehab program. In Lake Havasu, Arizona, people have access to some excellent treatment programs. We hope that this page is a helpful guide for those who need more information.

Statistics and the Need for Alcohol Rehab in Lake Havasu, Arizona

There are many people who live in Lake Havasu, Arizona who are in need of alcohol rehab. It is interesting to see what the statistics have to say about alcohol abuse in Mohave County, which is where Lake Havasu is located.

The Kingman Regional Medical Center and Mohave County Department of Public Health released a Community Health Needs Assessment in 2019. In that assessment, the following statistics are presented:

  • In 2019, 24% of all motor vehicle crash deaths included alcohol as a factor in Mohave County.
  • This is just short of the state average, which is 27%.
  • In 2012, 10.7% of the people in Mohave County reported participating in heavy alcohol use.
  • This compares to a nearby county and state levels, which were both 8.1%.
  • That same year, 20.7% of people in Mohave County reported regularly participating in binge drinking behaviors.
  • This compares to a nearby county level of 17.9% and the state level of 18.1%.

Mental health issues are often linked with alcohol abuse. In fact, as many as 50% of people who seek treatment for alcoholism also have a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety.

This Community Health Needs Assessment also offers some helpful information about mental health statistics in Lake Havasu.

  • In 2014, close to 45 out of every 100,000 people in Mohave County participated in self-harming behaviors.
  • That same year, 25 out of every 100,000 people had been diagnosed with a mental health condition and/or a substance abuse problem.
  • The average number of poor mental health days people reported after being surveyed was 4.5 out of 30.
  • In 2018, there were 1,099 emergency room visits that were related to mental health problems in Mohave County.
  • The ratio of patients to mental health providers in Mohave County is 1,440:1.
  • This is almost double the ratio in the State of Arizona, which is 790:1.
  • 10.2% of survey respondents answered that they struggle because of their mental health.
  • 32.7% of survey respondents stated that they believed having enough mental health providers in a community was extremely important.
  • More than 37% of people in Mohave County feel that it is difficult to access their mental health providers.

How Many Lake Havasu, Arizona Area Alcohol Rehabs are There?

The Lake Havasu, Arizona area has many options available to people who are searching for alcohol rehab. According to SAMHSA, there are 14 alcohol treatment programs within 50 miles of the city. Every program is unique and the area has several levels of care available. They include:

  • Alcohol detoxification
  • Inpatient rehab programs
  • Treatment centers that offer telehealth services.
  • Sober living homes
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Outpatient therapy

What Types of Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs are Available in Lake Havasu, AZ?

People who live in Lake Havasu have many different alcohol rehab options available to them. When people think of going to treatment, they often only think of inpatient care, but there are other ways to get help as well.

We highly recommend talking with a professional to get a recommendation for rehab prior to making a commitment. It is important to get the right level of care in order for the person to have the best possible chance of being successful.

Alcohol Detox Centers

The goal of alcohol detox is to treat the withdrawal symptoms that accompany stopping the use of alcohol. People often underestimate how severe alcohol withdrawal can become. It is quite dangerous, and it is never recommended for anyone to try to stop drinking on their own.

Delirium tremens (DTs) is a condition that can develop during alcohol withdrawal. It includes symptoms like seizures, hallucinations and delusions. This condition can be fatal if it is left untreated.

Going through alcohol detox can help people avoid experiencing DTs. It can also lessen the severity of alcohol withdrawal in general as well as shorten its duration. Medication-assisted treatment is often the best option for people in recovery from alcohol addiction. It combines the use of certain medications and behavioral therapy to help people through withdrawal and recovery.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities

Inpatient rehab centers are often thought of as the “Gold Standard” for addiction treatment. They are usually people’s first experience working with a professional to get clean and sober. This level of care is intensive, and it requires a 28-day stay at a facility. Many inpatient programs include detox services, which patients go through before transitioning to rehab. Lake Havasu has a few inpatient rehab programs in close vicinity.

During inpatient rehab, patients experience various types of therapy. They work with their own therapist, in group settings and even with their families. Many programs include experiential therapy and more creative, expressive therapy, such as art or music.

Long-Term Rehab Programs

There are some cases in which going to a long-term rehab might be very beneficial for someone who is recovering from alcohol use disorder. It gives them a much longer time to work through the healing process. This level of care might work well for people who have been alcoholics for many years.

There are a few long-term rehab programs further away from Lake Havasu. They allow patients to stay for several months at a time.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

The idea of going to outpatient rehab is often appealing to many people because they are so busy. It can work well for some; especially if they have a strong support system at home. There are different levels of outpatient care that are available in the Lake Havasu area.

  • Outpatient therapy – This type of treatment is usually not recommended for people who have never been to rehab before. Clients meet with their therapist for sessions 1-3 times per week. Most people need more time with staff when they are new to recovery, but it can work well for follow-up treatment.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment programsIOPs are more intensive as well as more flexible. They are typically run during the evening hours, which allows people to continue to work and go to school. Clients are expected to come to treatment as often as 3-5 evenings per week.
  • Partial hospitalization programsPHPs may also be referred to as day treatment programs. Clients come to these facilities as often as 5-7 days a week in some cases. They stay for the entire day while they receive therapy.

12-Step Programs

12-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and even Narcotics Anonymous are there to help people with alcohol addiction. These organizations do not offer professional treatment. Instead, they provide ways for people to meet in support groups and get help from their peers. There is no cost to participate, and there are several AA and NA meetings taking place in Lake Havasu every week.

Sober Living Houses

Sober living homes provide safe places for people to live while they are in recovery. They typically do not offer their own treatment programs. Instead, residents are required to find them on their own. They must attend all of their appointments, pay rent (if rent is not covered by insurance) and contribute to the house in some way, such as by making meals.

Learn More About Finding a Lake Havasu, Arizona Alcohol Rehab Program

At SpringBoard Arizona, we want you to know that you can recover if you have an alcohol addiction. We know that it might seem almost impossible, but that is only because you have not gotten the right support. We can help you reach your goal of getting and staying sober.

We offer an excellent inpatient alcohol treatment program. We also provide detox to our patients, and we use only the most modern proven techniques. We have worked with many people with alcohol use disorder and have been able to help them be successful in recovery long term.

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